New Year Goals

Happy New Year.

Whilst the start of a new year provides the impetus to consider what you want to achieve in the future the reality is despite starting out on the right foot; many people have already, or will soon, lose the momentum that the New Years eve enthusiasm provided.

Goal setting is an integral part of any plan.  We don’t like the idea of resolutions.  If an idea is worth committing to it should be a promise you make to yourself.  This is true of your finances as well as other important aspects of life.

In popular culture, the 17th January is thought to be the day when a large number of people abandon their New Year Resolutions.  As such it has become known to some as ‘Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day’.

Here at Partners Private Wealth we are clear in our goal to assist clients in organising their finances to make the most of what they have and to achieve Financial Freedom.  Specifically our goal is to take under our wing 15 new families during 2020;  help them organise their finances and make the most of their financial situation.

Many of these new clients will come from introductions from our existing clients.  If you want to help us achieve our goal this year then please make mention of us to anyone who you think could benefit from the type of assistance we have provided you.

Your Partners Private Wealth Advisers have over 50 years of combined experience, yet are young enough to be part of your journey over the long term.

For our part we are keen to ensure that you are not one of the many who ditch their resolution on the 17th January.  So we ask you to think of a promise, just one, that you can make to yourself for 2020 that will move you closer to achieving your financial goals.  You may wish to keep this promise just to yourself, that’s okay.  But if you are brave we would love you to share your promise with us so we can help keep you accountable to it, and arm you with the tools and advice you need to bring it to life.  As your trusted partner on your financial journey we think this is an important role for us to play for you.

We look forward to continuing our Journey together.

The Team @ Partners Private Wealth



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