Important update on our plans for the future

Earlier this year we advised you of our plans to forge a “New Independent Path” together with other Practices like ours that chose to license though Godfrey Pembroke.

Since then, much has occurred in our Industry which has only confirmed our view that your interests are best served by removing actual and perceived conflicts that exist within our connection to NAB and MLC.

The Royal Commission into Banking and Financial Services, through testimony and the release of confidential board meeting minutes and emails, clearly showed the misalignment that exists between those ‘at the top’ – and ourselves & our clients.  These failures do not directly impact you, however they demonstrate the cultural and ethical divide between what we expect and decisions that were made.

Over the next short period we plan to commence our transition (along with other aligned practices) to independence.  It is unfortunate that we do not expect to be able to retain our brand, however the benefits far outweigh this loss.

We are excited that our goal of setting a New Independent Path will be achieved.

Importantly – there is no change to what we do for you, no changes to what you have in place, and no change to our team (we will shortly be adding another team member).  What you will experience as a client will be further enhanced through additional bespoke solutions that we will be able to access for all clients and deliver with the appropriate care and efficiency.

It has been an extremely positive and enlightening process that we have undertaken over these last 12 months, we thank you for your support and remain energised by the possibilities that lay ahead.

We look forward to continuing your journey with you as we trust our journey brings you continued success.


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