Home Care Packages – Navigating your way through the system

With an ageing population Australia is seeing more people than ever before wanting to live independently in their own home as they age, even though they may be experiencing increased complexity in care needs.

This is certainly the messaging we keep hearing back from clients when we discuss either their own situation, or that of their ageing family members such as elderly parents.

Many people we speak to would like to know what assistance and services are available to them in their own homes as they age, how they arrange relevant providers for these services, what the costs involved may be, and indeed if there is Government support (subsidies) available.

Like many areas which overlap through Government and Private services, the option of Home Care appears too complex or bureaucratic for many to navigate, with typical comments we hear including “I looked at that but it appears too confusing to work out what we can do”, or “we contacted someone about that and were told it would be 6-12 months before we would get anything so we gave up”.

Recently, we identified an independent specialist, Michelle from Sunbird – Aged Care Navigation, who is highly knowledgeable, personable, and experienced in navigating through both Home Care Packages and Aged Care placements. We are now able to refer clients and family members to Sunbird to simplify the process of applying for a Home Care Package or Aged Care home placement, optimising client focused outcomes.

The following article provides a high-level summary of Home Care Packages and the available Government subsidies as well as how Michelle and Sunbird may assist clients.

What is a Home Care Package?

The Australian Government’s Home Care Packages Program supports older people with care needs by subsidising;

  • In-home aged care services
  • Services to help people stay connected with their community

In addition to subsidies, the Home Care Packages Program provides added peace of mind that there is a defined process for assessing in home care and social needs of the individual, with a case manager appointed to oversee the ongoing management of the packages.

Benefits of Home Care

  • Assistance to help you remain comfortable in your own home for longer
  • Aids to keep you mobile
  • Transport to your appointments
  • Cleaning, gardening, and maintenance
  • Companionship and social outings
  • Nursing and Allied Health to keep you well
  • Help to manage your medication and bills
  • Help with grocery shopping


Who is eligible?

  • All persons over age 65 can access Home Care
  • Register with MyAgedCare and undergo assessment for needs
  • People of all means (no matter what income or assets) are eligible for a Home Care Package – persons with income above certain levels may receive reduced/partial subsidies.


Levels of Home Care Package

Home Care Package Level Daily subsidy


Annual subsidy
Level 1

(basic care)

$28.14 $10,271
Level 2 $49.49 $18,064
Level 3 $107.70 $39,310
Level 4

(higher care)

$163.27 $59,594

*there are additional daily supplements for dementia/cognitive and veterans up to $6,855 per year.

*there are additional daily supplements for those living in rural and remote areas up to $7,983 per year.

*there are additional supplements for people that require oxygen or enteral feeding (cannot eat via mouth)


How does income affect Home Care Package Funding?

Government funding is subject to an income assessment only (not assets). Those who have annual income within the ‘Income Free Area’ will not be required to make a co-payment towards a package, and those with income above the relevant income cap levels will be required to make a contribution to the total package alongside the Government amount.

Income Free Area

  • Single person $31,504pa ; Couples $24,429pa (single rate)

Cap 1 (your contribution no more than $6,341pa toward package)

  • Single person $60,632pa ; Couples $46,384pa (single rate)

Cap 2 (your contribution no more than $12,683pa toward package)

  • Those earning above the Cap 1 income levels

Figures are current as at July 2023


Navigating the System with Sunbird – save time and worry with an expert on your side

Sunbird services include:

  • Getting to know your individual circumstances and daily challenges.
  • Help to de-mystify the system and make it easier to understand and to access.
  • Arranging your comprehensive assessment through My Aged Care.
  • help fast track your assessment process, to ensure your wait times are minimised.
  • Helping you arrange privately funded services while you wait for your funding.
  • Helping you to decide whether you would like to self-manage, co-manage or have a provider manage your Home Care Package.
  • help you access funding (up to $53,000), regardless of your means (a contribution towards costs is required if your income is over $30,000pa).
  • Once your funding is assigned, short listing up to three of the best matched, and best value providers to deliver your home care services.
  • Arranging calls with the shortlisted providers, to help you make your final decision on the right provider for you.
  • Once you have chosen a provider, assisting you with the on-boarding process.
  • Working with you and your provider to mobilise your home care services.
  • help you find the right provider, so that you get the quality, services and value for money you deserve.
  • explain the benefits and process of home care to your parents, so they feel more comfortable to take the next step.


  • Free 30 minute initial consultation via phone or videoconference to discuss your situation and options
  • Flat dollar, agreed service fee (with peace of mind there are no conflicts of interest with any service providers)









Michelle – Sunbird Aged Care Navigation


Please kindly note – All third party professionals we may refer to are independent of our practice (Partners Private Wealth) and there are no referral fees. Third party professionals are responsible for the services they provide.

For further information contact the office to speak with Sam or Glen.




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