Christmas message 2023 & Holiday office closure

15 December

On behalf of the Team at Partners Private Wealth, we wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and prosperous 2024. Please note - our office will close from Friday, 22nd December 2023, and will re-open on Monday, 8 January 2024. Best...[Read More]

Financial Services Guide 7.0

31 August

You can download a copy of our current Financial Services Guide (FSG) version Part A version 7.0 dated August 2023 and Part B version 6.1 dated July 2022 at our website here ( Please contact our...[Read More]

Boomers won’t give up retirement dreams for kids

13 June

Boomers can see younger Australians are struggling financially and want to help where they can, but they are not willing to do so at the expense of their retirement lifestyle, new research shows. Four in five Australians over 65 think their children...[Read More]

Optimise your investments and ensure a secure financial future with your Financial Adviser

13 June

Navigating the complex financial landscape is challenging. However, with the right Financial Adviser, you can optimise your investments and ensure a secure financial future. By understanding how clients often perceive missteps in their...[Read More]

Understanding the Importance of Income Protection Insurance

13 June

When we think about insurance, our minds often gravitate toward the tangible assets we own. We insure our cars against accidents, our homes against damage, and even the contents within our homes against theft or loss.  Yet, one of the most critical...[Read More]

Escape the winter chill with these aussie caravan road trips

13 June

As winter sets in, the warmer climates of northern Australia become increasingly appealing. If you have some free time, a thirst for adventure, and a dislike for cold, wet weather, consider heading north. Pack your sunhat and shorts, organise the...[Read More]

Navigating the Complexities of Custody Disputes

13 June

The longstanding myth that fathers have slim chances of securing primary custody is being progressively dismantled.    Historically, mothers were often presumed to be the custodial parents. However, recent shifts in societal attitudes and legal...[Read More]

Overview about business record-keeping requirements so you meet your tax, superannuation and registration obligations.

13 June

You are legally required to keep records of all transactions relating to your tax, superannuation and registration affairs as you start, run, sell, change or close your business. This includes: any documents related to your business’s income and...[Read More]

Bosses pocket higher pay amid cost-of-living headaches

13 June

Executives at some of Australia’s largest companies have received double-digit pay rises as workers face rising cost-of-living pressures. A report on board and executive pay among ASX-listed companies, released on Tuesday by the Governance...[Read More]

Captain Chalmers lines up soft landing on narrow runway

13 June

Global headwinds will continue to buffet Australia’s economy as Treasurer Jim Chalmers sets a course for a final approach towards low inflation. Dr Chalmers is confident Australia remains on track for “a soft landing on a narrow runway”,...[Read More]

Australian workers lead AI race but do not trust it

13 June

More Australian office workers are using artificial intelligence tools than their peers in the UK, US or France but most still do not trust the technology to get tasks done. Slack released the findings from a survey of desk workers in six countries,...[Read More]

Universal childcare would be ‘national asset’, PM says

12 June

Australia already has universal schooling, Medicare and superannuation and the prime minister believes childcare should be treated the same way. Early learning and parenting groups have rallied around a Centre for Policy Development plan to fix the...[Read More]

Why all smartphones are adding artificial intelligence

12 June

Artificial intelligence technology that can fix photos, correct messages and organise meetings is being tipped as the killer smartphone app after Apple became the latest tech giant to introduce the tools to millions of handsets. But experts warned...[Read More]

Four popular training courses facing critical AI risk

12 June

Four work training courses in high demand have been identified as being at the greatest risk of disruption from artificial intelligence technology in an analysis one government agency says requires urgent action. The vocational training courses in...[Read More]

Credit cards, crypto banned for online gambling

12 June

Australians are now banned from making online bets with credit cards and digital currencies as the government tries to stop them from gambling away money they do not have. Credit cards linked to digital wallets, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and any...[Read More]

Grants for homes ‘save billions on big energy projects’

12 June

Each household should be offered up to $6500 to install grid-connected solar batteries and landlords incentivised to join the renewable energy revolution, a report has found. The Clean Energy Council made the recommendations in a study released on...[Read More]

PM blasts opposition for shifting goals on climate

12 June

Australia’s climate debate is heating up again as Prime Minister Anthony Albanese slams an opposition plan to water down emissions targets if elected. The coalition still wants to reach net zero by 2050 but leader Peter Dutton plans to ditch the...[Read More]