Christmas message 2023 & Holiday office closure

15 December

On behalf of the Team at Partners Private Wealth, we wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and prosperous 2024. Please note - our office will close from Friday, 22nd December 2023, and will re-open on Monday, 8 January 2024. Best...[Read More]

Financial Services Guide 7.0

31 August

You can download a copy of our current Financial Services Guide (FSG) version Part A version 7.0 dated August 2023 and Part B version 6.1 dated July 2022 at our website here ( Please contact our...[Read More]

Before the Gavel: Essential Considerations for Navigating the Australian Legal System

29 February

Before going to court in Australia, it’s important to consider several key factors, whether you’re involved in a civil dispute, facing criminal charges, or engaging in another legal matter.   Here’s a comprehensive overview of what to...[Read More]

A unique glimpse into Earth’s diverse and pristine environments

29 February

To experience the world’s natural beauty, landscapes, and untouched wilderness, you might consider visiting the following destinations, each offering a unique glimpse into Earth’s diverse and pristine environments.   Each of these destinations...[Read More]

A guide to managing personal finances

29 February

The importance of personal financial planning can’t be overstated, regardless of your age. Proper financial planning can offer a safety net for you and your family while giving you the freedom to make informed choices.   Many adults worry about...[Read More]

Renters Insurance: benefits for tenants & landlords

29 February

If you live in a residential building or apartment complex, it’s natural for certain fears to cross your mind. For example, if a fire accident or flooding occurs through no fault of your own, who pays for the replacement of your possessions that...[Read More]

Top 10 healthy habits for business owners

29 February

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial for business owners, given the demands and stresses that come with managing a business.   Here are ten healthy habits that can support business owners in maintaining their physical and mental well-being,...[Read More]

The benefits of life insurance and some of your options

29 February

For some people, a major reason for beginning to prepare for life’s ‘what if’ scenarios is starting a family.   If your primary concern is taking care of your family, life insurance is an excellent option. It makes sure that your loved ones...[Read More]

A seasonal home maintenance checklist to ensure your property is in the best condition all year long

29 February

A lot of property owners take a very casual approach to the upkeep and repair of their house or building. They usually wait for something to break, clog, overflow, leak, jam or fail catastrophically before addressing the problem. Others are...[Read More]

5 ways to live a happier life

29 February

Each person’s journey to happiness is distinct, shaped by personal experiences, values, and desires. While certain factors that impact happiness might be beyond control, such as genetic predispositions or unpredictable life events, a considerable...[Read More]

Aussies to keep more of what they earn as tax cuts pass

29 February

Low and middle income earners will soon keep more of what they earn after revamped tax cuts cleared federal parliament. Labor’s amended tax package was endorsed by the Senate on Tuesday evening after receiving backing in the lower...[Read More]

Aussie workers above average on artificial intelligence

29 February

Australia’s desk workers are above the global average in adopting artificial intelligence but say guidance is lacking from bosses on how it should be used. Research data released on Wednesday shows one in four have tried AI tools for work as of...[Read More]

Is your business eligible for concessions – tips on small business tax offsets

29 February

As a small business owner, you may be eligible for concessions on the amount of tax you pay. This depends on your business structure, your industry and your annual turnover. If you have an aggregated turnover less than: $2 million, you can access...[Read More]

Scam alert: Online dating and investment scams

29 February

Last year, financial criminals stole more than $40 million in fake investments from people in Australia through dating websites and social media. These scammers pretend to a real person who wants a relationship with you, spending weeks or months...[Read More]

Consumer price index steady at 3.4 per cent in January

28 February

Australia’s consumer price index held steady at 3.4 per cent in the 12 months to January, coming in below expectations. The index had been widely expected to rise by 3.6 per cent on an annual basis, when the data was released by the Australian...[Read More]

Rewards of working like dogs at corporate playground

28 February

Staff at a Sydney corporate office have a rooftop playground to exercise their canine companions while at work, with hopes they will soon be able to use public transport to get their pets there. Amazon Australia has opened the playground where...[Read More]

Pay gap transparency as workplace salary data published

28 February

GENDER PAY GAP * Private-sector employers with 100 or more workers have had their median gender pay gaps published by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency * The release includes all employee salaries other than CEOs, heads of business, casual...[Read More]